What do we offer?

Coton De Tulear Puppies

Our goal is to produce exceptional Coton puppies that are well socialized  with fun loving personalities that will provide new families with a lifetime of love and laughter while preserving our rare breed of dog.

Puppies - birth to 9 weeks

Our puppies are born into our home.   Their mother Skye is part of our family. She is surrounded by love as well as my 3 sons and husband that are a staple in the raising of the puppies.  It is important to us that your puppy will be lovingly raised and fully socialized.  In their first 9 weeks of life we use the inspirations of Puppy Culture.  When appropriate they will socialize with new people, our other dog Summer, experience new sounds and different environments.  We want to provide our new puppies with the skills necessary to become a well socialized and happy dog.  Our goal is to breed for the best health and temperament so that we can share this wonderful dog with others.

Your new Puppy

After you have chosen that this breed of dog is suited for your family we will help guide you in choosing the right puppy for your family and what you need for your new Coton puppy as well as what you can expect from when you get home and those first few  weeks and months 

Please email us for a puppy application  

New puppy items

have an idea of who will be the primary caregiver

where will your puppy be during the day / night

introduce your puppy to his/her new environment and other animals

always monitor your new puppy just as you would a toddler

create with appropriate size bed

food and water bowl

collar and leashes appropriate to size

plenty of toys for those new puppies to play with

food for your puppy that will ensure proper nutrition and heath 

We will provide all new owners with all lists of items/food recommended